Project Cupid Wedding Ceremony


Our Project Cupid Wedding Package is a virtual wedding package for couples who still want to have a beautiful ceremony with family and friends but don’t want to wait till the crisis is over. The package includes:

  • Help with obtaining your marriage license

  • Help with writing your vows

  • A standard wedding ceremony

  • Coordinate virtual session 

  • Process marriage documents

For folks who want to have a standard ceremony, in the safety of their home and also in the presence of their family and friends.

I offer a Bargain Ceremony for ONLY $200.

This way, you can have a beautiful, legal wedding ceremony in your home. 
This ceremony can be performed via Zoom, and we will share the Live video with all your guest list. 

Price: $200 

We are available seven days a week.

You can certainly have your ceremony during the weekend if you choose to.     


Choose Time & Date

Work with your spouse to be and with your guests to decide on the ideal date and time for your ceremony. Take into consideration those family members and friends who live in a different time zone. A virtual ceremony is a great opportunity to have EVERYONE in attendance regarding of their location or mobility restrictions, so let's take full advantage! 

Create Guest List and Send Invites

We will take care of all the logistics for you, and send out invitations to anybody that you would like to include. You may also post the event in your social media, to make sure that nobody feels excluded. If you are NOT comfortable inviting family or friends into the live ceremony, no problem. You can have it as private as you want. You can also record the event and then share the video with those you chose to. No biggie. Your day, your rules. 

Book Your Officiant

As usual you can choose to have a religious, or a secular ceremony. You can have a spiritual ceremony or a heartfelt eclectic service. You also get to decide whether you want a male or a female wedding officiant. And if your ceremony will be in English, Spanish or bilingual. You let us know all these details and we will pair you with the right person to ensure that you have an amazing experience! 

Getting ready for Camera

Before we "officially" start the ceremony, we will connect to make sure that both the couple and the officiant are ready to go and there are no technical glitches. Once we have checked all the boxes: 

  • Lighting 
  • Sound 
  • Positioning 
  • Background 
    And we've done all the Testing, testing, testing, we will go ahead and open the platform for all guests.                              

What's included:

  • Legal-Licensed Wedding Officiant to perform a Standard Ceremony.

  • Signing & filling of the marriage License

  • You can invite multiple friends and family members

  • You may recite your own personal vows

                        Contact us: 646-592-0125 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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